Introduction to Structural Knowledge of Foot-type Washing Valve
  • Date:2019-07-22
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Many times, people use the foot-type stool flushing valve when they use the toilet outside. Although the automatic induction toilet is installed in many high-end occasions nowadays, in order to save cost, there are still many places where the foot-type stool flushing valve is installed.

What is a pedal-type stool flushing valve?
The pedal type stool flushing valve is suitable for household and public flushing toilets. The product is composed of main valve and accelerator. The accelerator can obviously increase the flushing speed of main valve and prevent all harmful gases from entering the valve chamber. The flushing valve has reasonable design, convenient use and maintenance, large flushing force and less water consumption. Except for seals, the rest are all made of Engineering plastics, which has the advantages of small size, light weight and low price. The product can obtain the maximum flow rate with economical and reasonable flow rate and has good flushing effect.

Structure of pedal-type stool flushing valve
The pedal type stool flushing valve is composed of valve body, end cover, button mechanism, piston mechanism and other accessories. It is characterized by a curved guide column at the top of the piston valve in the piston mechanism of the flushing valve, and a hollow cylinder with two or more holes in the side wall of the accelerator. Take pedal self-closing delayer as an example; the whole valve is composed of four parts: 1 repair valve; 2 connecting pipes; 3 flushing valve (main body); 4 flushing outlets.

The overhaul valve has a water switch adjusting screw for easy maintenance. The flushing valve body has a pressurized water chamber and a delay time adjusting screw. In the valve body, there is an up and down movable valve core, which is made of cast copper and plastic. It consists of a pressure relief rod, a water inlet, a pressurized pinhole and an up and down sealing rubber ring. In the normal state, the lower apron and the water pressure in the valve body cavity and the gravity of the valve core work together to make the lower apron and the outlet seal to block the waterway.

The discharging rod of the valve core deviates from the inclined angle of the axis 3-5 degrees after pedal, and the flushing port is connected with the water chamber of the valve body. At this moment, when the static pressure of the upper part of the water chamber of the valve body is released, the pressure in the chamber is equal to that of the atmospheric pressure, the water pressure in the pipeline drives the valve core upward, and the water in the pipeline communicates with the water outlet to form a larger flow. Flush action. At the same time of flushing, the spool moves up, the apron on the spool is sealed with the upper water chamber, and the pipe water is supplied to the pressurized water chamber through the pressure pinhole of 1 mm after the filter of the spool inlet. With the increase of the water pressure in the upper water chamber, the spool moves down, and the apron under the spool closes the outlet to achieve the purpose of delay.

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