How to Clean and Maintain the Flushing Valve of Urine
  • Date:2019-07-21
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Cleaning of common flushing valve
It is recommended that the product surface be cleaned regularly with clear water or mild detergent, and then dried with a soft towel. In order to keep the appearance clean and bright, the detergent based on salt or vinegar should be neglected. In addition to daily surface cleaning, flushing tanks should also be regularly cleaned to avoid long-term use of water marks.

Maintenance of common flush valve
1. When installing faucets, customers should thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities in the pipe to avoid valve spool damage, blockage, blockage and leakage. At the same time, they should clean the surface so that there is no residual building materials.
2. For any kind of faucet products, it is not necessary to use too much force when switching, but only to twist or pull gently. The product with screen cover at the outlet should be dismantled and washed after a period of use to remove impurities. Products equipped with hoses should pay attention to keeping the hoses in a natural stretching state so as to avoid breaking.
3. Avoid hard scratches on the surface of the product, use rough cloth to wipe, avoid using metal filaments or cleaning cloth with hard particles, etc.
4. Contact with organic solution and corrosive chemicals in order to avoid destroying the surface coating and affecting the brightness of the coating.

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